How to apply

Creative thinkers and doers can apply for funding to contribute a 60Months campaign proposal.  Submissions should made in text, using the prompts below, and can be accompanied by supporting material.

A steering group reviews and selects ideas to commission.  The steering group will endeavour to select a range of submissions which represent the entire UK and political affiliations.

The contributor agrees to deliver the work in an an agreed period of time.  A contributor can only receive funding once.

60Month supporters broadcast the monthly campaigns to their own networks on the 8th of every month (ie on the monthly anniversary of the 2017 election). Each month supporters will be sent instructions prior the 8th, giving them something to do and keeping them involved.



Story summary

  • Tell us your idea and format in 2 sentences.

Help us get to know you | 3 minute read

  • Tell us about yourself, including relevant political or creative experience.
  • What is the change you would like to see in UK politics?
  • Do you support or are you affiliated with any political group(s)?
  • What moves or inspires you?
  • Will you work with anyone else to make your idea happen?
  • What town or city do you live in?
  • If you’re happy to, please indicate any minority groups you consider yourself part of.

What do you want to say, and why is it important? | 10 minute read

  • Whose voice or voices do you think the UK needs to hear?
  • Why does this story need telling?
  • What makes you the right person to tell this story?
  • Why does this matter is to you?

How will your idea contribute to political change? | 5 minute read

  • What are you trying to make someone think, feel or do?
  • How will your idea encourage wider representation, better and more challenging collaboration, or decision making in UK politics?

If your submission was successful… | 2 minute read

  • How would the idea manifest itself? What medium(s) will you use?
  • Does your idea already exist, or how long will it take to create?

Please send completed applications to [email protected]