Campaign brief

Today on the 8th September three months after this year’s election, 60Months is launching its campaign brief.  Society has changed radically in the last 50 years, but our political system hasn’t.

The two-party system is creaking.  Only one of the last three elections has resulted in an outright majority.  Look at our MPs and it’s hard to see the modern, diverse, vibrant society we live in.

The issues we care about aren’t being tackled. Too many lives are marginalised. Politicians rarely hear the voices of the people they represent.  It’s not just a scandal, it’s a bloody waste.  Imagine what we could achieve if everyone’s contribution was valued.

The world is more volatile and uncertain.  We feel divided as a nation.  In times like these it’s understandable we cling to what we know.  But more than ever, we need change, and positive change needs people to work together.

What a gift the internet is.  It connects us to each other.  It bridges divides.  It allows like-minded people to find each other, puts opposing ideas together create something new.

It lets us tell our stories.

Stories change the world because they change minds.  They help us see things from someone else’s point of view.  They bring us closer to one another.  We need that right now.  And so do our politicians.

60Months exists to share the stories our politicians don’t get to hear, so we can change our political system for the better.  Each month we’re going to share something that can help us find a better way.  We believe that by bringing different views and opinions together something new will emerge.

So, how do you think our system should change?  Where is it failing?  Who is it failing?  What would make it better?  How could it more accurately reflect the hopes, fears and lives of the millions of people with whom we share our island?

You tell us.  Together we can tell everyone.

Complete this simple application form to tell us the story you want to tell.  How you tell it is up to you.  We’re open to film-makers, artists, writers, musicians, designers, and everyone who doesn’t easily fit into any category.

There is some funding available to help some of the ideas come to life – professional or passionate, expert or just eager, we don’t mind.

Help us create radical change and fashion a better political system fit for the 21st century.