About 60Months

60Months believes that our views are not represented properly in parliament. Britain’s political system turns the debating chamber into a catfight, the two main parties scrapping each other for power and cheap points. Despite our country facing huge questions, our elected politicians don’t appear able to work together to answer them.

That means we’re not dealing with the issues that affect us all. Social inequality. Climate change. The future of education. The crisis in the health service. And all that as plans for even the most pressing challenge – Brexit – look improvised at best.

60Months believes there is a better way.

In so many other fields, change is welcomed, even facilitated. Innovation in business and industry has accelerated in recent years; the consensus is that creativity and collaboration lead to better outcomes. In contrast, UK politics is stuck. It has silenced the voices of those it purports to help. It must be reviewed and refreshed, made fit for the 21st century.

60Months was set up shortly after the 2017 General Election. We believe society holds wider views that are currently represented in parliament. The antiquated electoral system marginalises and sometimes ridicules those views. But we think that if those views are heard, it will lead to more politicians working together, and in turn to better decisions being made on our behalf.

60Months will consist of distinctive monthly campaigns, one for each month of this five-year parliament, that explore our hypothesis that ‘politics isn’t working’. We don’t have a specific outcome in mind. We simply want to hear, learn from and share those wider views. We aim to agitate for change by growing a supporter base of over a million supporters over the course of the 60 months by the time of the next election in 2022.

We will also work with other organisations active in this arena such as the Electoral Reform Society and Make Votes Matter.

60Months was founded by Ben Heald, a Bristol entrepreneur with a social conscience, with the support of a national steering group. It has no political affiliations.

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