As we’re still in the planning phase of things at 60Months, this month I thought I’d write a blog about the mind games involved in taking on a big challenge.

Brief update first of all though on how we’re doing:

  • New social media team & helpers set to swing into action this week;

  • Working with two separate community groups on future campaigns;

  • New 60M website coming shortly; and as ever

  • I’m having a multitude of conversations.

Mind Games + a big challenge

When I tell people that I’ve launched a campaign to make the case that the UK would be better off with an updated political system, I get a range of reactions:

  • Just 1 person (out of perhaps 200) has told me that the system is working fine and doesn’t need changing!

  • Almost everyone agrees that we’d get better outcomes if we reformed the system.

  • Almost everyone has commented on the scale of the challenge.  My mate Tom Savage commented that I was trying to boil the ocean!

  • Some people wonder if we shouldn’t have chewed off something a bit smaller!

When you launch something it’s tough getting noticed – the world is a busy place with a lot of things clamouring for attention; particularly in the digital age.  And over the last 20 years in business, I’ve learned this the hard way, as launch failures always outnumber success stories!

It’s also really tough to get people to change the way they do things, or take action.  We’re creatures of habit and you have to be blinkered at the best of times to get through the day!

But nevertheless, whenever you launch something, whether it be a new restaurant, product or campaign, or write a new blog or send out a tweet, you hope normal logic won’t apply and it’ll be an overnight success.

No surprise then that when I launched 60Months on 8 July this year, it wasn’t immediately picked up by The Guardian, Banksy, Stephen Fry or JK Rowling; and there are still only hundreds not thousands of supporters. But don’t worry these and many others are on our list!

Consequently, over the last three months, I’ve had some dark thoughts at night and wondered how I’m ever going to find the time to do even half the things that I think need doing!  And do so, without taking time away from all the other things I’m involved with.  Why take on something new that feels impossible?  Which hangs over you, making it tough to relax.

But we live in extraordinary times.  Trump.  Corbyn.  Bernie.  Catalonia.  The impossible has already happened and there’ll be more to come.

Believe in the impossible.  Sometime soon, the UK political system is going to get updated for the 21st century.  For example, are we really still going to have hereditary peers in 50 years time?!

Believe in the impossible and let’s get out there and put our shoulders to the wheel of change.

Finally, do keep the ideas coming through, and encourage people to follow us on Twitter or Facebook or by registering at the 60Months site.