Can Britain’s traditional two-party political system represent an increasingly diverse, modern and dynamic 21st century population? Could there be a better way? Is it time for a change?

The two incumbent parties compete with each other for ‘power’ and the debating chamber is simply a cat fight between them. Worst of all, there is little requirement for our elected politicians to work together for the greater good to resolve the many issues we face.

This creates a dangerous inertia. The health service, schools, social inequality, crime and the challenges to the environment could all be far better managed.

60Months was launched on the 8th July, one month after the 2017 General Election. We are calling for the UK political system to be reviewed and modernised. We want the system refreshed for the 21st century (just as every other aspect of modern life is constantly reinvented). We hope this will lead to wider views being represented, politicians working together more; and consequently making better decisions on our behalf (and with our money).

We’ll press for change by staging distinctive monthly campaigns to attract over a million supporters during the 60 months leading up to the next election in 2022. Our supporters will broadcast the monthly campaigns on the 8th of every month. The principal objective of each month’s campaign will be to recruit more supporters – and grow the movement.

We will also work with other organisations active in this arena, such as the Electoral Reform Society and Make Votes Matter.

60Months was founded by Ben Heald, a Bristol entrepreneur with a social conscience, with the support of a national steering group. It has no political affiliations.

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